Suffering Hair Loss? Even you can get a Perfect Hairstyle

strong hairAt some point or another, all women experience the one of the most dreaded symptoms of aging: hair loss. Female hair loss affects one in five women and can start anywhere from the age of 25 to 35. Hair loss is often genetic, uncontrollable, and stressful. It can lead to decreased self-esteem and even depression, but there is one excellent, remedying quality of this medical condition: Hair loss can be expertly hidden! Yes, it’s not just another beauty myth.

Here are five fool proof ways to hide hair loss:

Cut it off!

Ok, not all of it, but do cut off inches and add strategic layers. Shorter hair looks healthier, and adds more volume since it is not being weighed down by longer strands. Two hairstyles that are extremely effective at hiding hair loss are the short bob, and the angled blunt cut. Both hairstyles are easy to maintain, and require little to no product use. With the bob, the only styling required is with a hair brush and a hair dryer. If there are strays poking in odd directions, feel free to add a little product to style strays back into place. If the bob is too short, try out the angled blunt cut – longer hair in the front and mid-neck length in the back. This cut helps add volume to thinning hair. The appearance of thinning spots is further minimized with curly or layered hair. This hair style has been sported by several celebrities: Rihanna, Keira Knightley, and the most famous owner, the one and only Victoria Beckham.

Hide hair loss with color

What makes a hair’s cuticle bigger in diameter and creates extra volume? Color! Hair coloring is another smart tactic which can be used to mask hair loss and give the appearance of fuller and thicker hair. Either treat hair to a complete new color or simply color hair using a slightly darker shade of color on the scalp area. This will give the illusion of denser hair and will help to cover spots which are thinning. Always ask a hair stylist for color recommendations that will boost hair appearance.

Choose the right products


Different shampoos do different things? What a crazy thought! But no, in all seriousness, a volumizing shampoo actually does make a difference. Choose a shampoo without sulfates and prepare to be amazed. This type of shampoo removes excess oils that make hair look limp and are gentle enough to maintain a natural and healthy shine. Try to minimize shampooing as much as possible. Let the natural hair oils do their magic. Also, minimize working with hair right when stepping out of the shower. Hair is at its most vulnerable state when it is wet, and brushing it during this state will only lead to more unwanted breakage.

Post-shower mousse

Lift roots by using a volumizing mousse or spray. Apply the mousse or spray near the roots, and apply right before hair is completely dried from the shower. Do not apply when hair is still dripping wet because the mousse will have NO effect. Applying mousse creates lasting volume and should never make hair feel stiff. Make sure the mousse is the only product used post-shower; as always, using too many products stiffens and weighs down hair.


It may seem completely unnecessary, but for lasting volume that does not wear off mid-day, choose a very light hairspray formula that has staying power but is not sticky or stiff. Look for a spray which leaves ZERO residue. To test for this, try spraying a small hand mirror with the hair spray. If it leaves residue, chuck it out!


Wigs are by far the costliest, but also the most effective solution to hide hair loss. There are synthetic wigs as well as wigs made from real human hair. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Synthetic wigs are far less costly than real hair wigs, hold a specific style longer, and come in many, different colors. Real hair wigs are much more costly than synthetic wigs for obvious reasons. It is real hair, so it is 100% more natural looking than a synthetic wig. Real hair wigs also last longer than synthetic wigs, and can endure more styling. Real human hair wigs can also be dyed different colors, although this would shorten the overall lifespan of the wig. Finding a particular color may be more difficult with real hair wigs versus synthetic wigs which come in a plethora of options. The entire hairline can be also recreated using lace frontals. This may be a costlier solution, but it will definitely hide hair loss completely. Wigs can be handcrafted to fit someone’s exact needs.

Leave the heat in the bathroom

Say no to every single heating instrument there is – straighteners, curlers, and even avoid using the hair dryer as much as possible. Hot tools overwork hairs’ texture and everyone knows that they are damaging, cause split ends, and eventually lead to more breakage and ultimately more hair loss. Do not use hot tools! It may be difficult to go cold turkey on the tools straightaway, but try to limit usage to 203 times a week. If using a tool, then please make sure to apply a heat protection spray, which creates a thermal barrier to reduce friction. Once ready to stop styling with hot tools, use old school methods for curling by using self-holding rollers. Roll hair away from face in sections, and let set for at least 30 minutes before removing.

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